401k - Staff

I am on SEIU International Payroll - How do I enroll in the 401k Plan?

You can enroll via Ultipro.  On your home page, select 401k Enrollment and follow the prompts to authorize the bi-weekly deferral percentage (1% up to 25% of gross compensation), and investment allocation(s).  Prudential will set up your account.
To monitor your account online, go to the following link:

How do I take a distribution after retirement or termination?

Access your online account and initiate a distribution or rollover under Withdrawals.  Or contact Prudential at 877-PRU-2100.

I am on NIPF payroll - How do I enroll in the 401k Plan?

You can enroll by submitting an Enrollment Worksheet, found in the Retirement Workbook, which you can download on the ADP Self-Service Portal or request from the 401k Benefit Specialist: 

How do I set up my account profile?

Once your account has been created in Prudential, you can access it online at www.prudential.com/online/retirement. Register, following the prompts.  On your Home Page, click on the down arrow by your name at the top of the page; then on "My Profile".  In the "lLog in Profile", you can designate one or more email addresses to receive quarterly statements and annual notices.  You can also indicate delivery preference (i.e. email or snail mail), as well as statement format preference (i.e. detailed or summarized).

Should you wish to adjust your preferences, there is a CHANGE option.

How do I consolidate retirement accounts from prior employers?

Access you account online.  On your home page, click on the "View Details" box under "Manage Account", select "Roll Money In".  You can download the acceptance form or call Prudential (1-877-PRU-2100) for assistance.  When asked how you can be helped, say "CONSOLIDATE".

How do I change deferral percent?

For SEIU International Staff, you can change your 401k deferral percent (increase/decrease/or suspend) in Ultipro.  Contact Human Resources for Directions.

For NIPF employees, you can change your 401k deferral percentage (increase/decrease/or suspend) by submitting an Information Change Form to the 401k Benefit Specialist:

How do I designate a beneficiary?

Consider ensuring your assets are distributed according to your wishes by naming and updating a beneficiary - the person(s) who will receive your assets in the event of your death - as soon as possible. Log into your account at www.prudential.com/online/retirement to check on or add/change your beneficiary, under the Personal Information section or call 877-778-2100.
Previously, the SEIU Benefit Funds office maintained beneficiary information for your account but the designation and updating of your beneficiary can now be managed directly by you, through your account access online or by contacting Prudential Retirement’s Participant Service Center at the number provided above.

How do I change investment options?

You can call Prudential and speak with a customer relations agent (877-PRU-2100) who will assist you with the operation.
Or you can access your account online www.prudentail.com/online/retirement, click on "View Details" and "Manage Access", click on "Transfers", where you can:

    -Transfer Existing Investments
    - Reallocate Your Holdings
    - Rebalance Your Account

How do I sign up for e-delivery?

Access your account online.  www.prudential.com/online/retirement.  On your home page, click the "View Details" box then select "Statements & Documents".  You can change your delivery preference from paper to electronic or vice versa, then click "Submit".  

How do I change my email address?

Access your account online.  At top of your Home Page, click on your name or the down arrow; then on "My Profile".  Under "Log in Profile" click on "Change Email".  If you have difficulty, contact Prudential at 877-PRU-2100.