Affiliates’ Officers and Employees Pension Fund

Potential Employers

The SEIU Affiliates’ Officers and Employees Pension Fund provides retirement benefits to officers and employees who receive a salary from a Local Union.


Interested in becoming a contributing employer in the Affiliates’ Officers and Employees Pension Fund? Contact the Fund today.

New or Current Employers

For information on your status, collection procedures, legal actions, payroll review procedures, reporting, various fees, and costs, please review the documents below.

Please have all new employees fill out a Census Card and have them send it to the Fund

If your Local Union is interested in submitting remittance reports to the Fund electronically, please click on this Electronic Remittance Flyer

Need to calculate your estimated withdrawal liability?

  1. Access the calculation spreadsheet
  2. Insert your yearly contributions in highlighted yellow cells
  3. The spreadsheet will calculate your estimated withdrawal liability amount

While this spreadsheet can help you determine your estimated withdrawal liability, please contact the Fund Office for an official liability calculation.