Applying for your Pension

You should apply for your pension benefit at least six months prior to your intended retirement date. Once you submit your Affiliates' Application for Benefits, and submit the required documentation listed below, the Benefit Funds office will send you an estimate of your pension and the details of your work history. Check it carefully to make sure it’s correct.

Required Documentation

You’ll also need to submit supporting documentation, including proof of your age and marital status:

· Proof of age for both you and your spouse, if married (birth certificate, passport or naturalization papers)

· Verification of Marital Status form, signed and dated

· Marriage or death certificate, if applicable

· Divorce decree, if applicable

· Proof of name change, if any

· Proof of Social Security number, if different numbers have been used

Contact SEIU Benefit Funds at 800-458-1010, Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5:30 pm ET, for more information on how to apply for your pension, but be sure to check here first to read helpful FAQs.

Receiving Your Pension

Once you have successfully applied for your pension, you will begin receiving your pension benefit on either:

· The first of the month following your last day of work;

· The first of the month following the date you filed your completed pension application; or

· The date you requested on your application.

If you sign up for direct deposit, your pension check will be deposited automatically in your bank account on the first business day of every month. If not, your monthly pension check generally will be mailed two to three days before the last working day of every month for the following month, and you will generally receive your paper check around the tenth day of the month.

Please note: Direct deposit is the fastest and most secure way to receive your payment. If you’re currently receiving checks through the mail, you can sign up for direct deposit by completing this Direct Deposit Form and returning it to the Benefit Funds.

Important: If your address changes, please fill out and submit this Direct Deposit Form form to keep your account updated. Delays in submitting this information to the Benefit Funds will result in either a delay or suspension of your payments.