Working After Retirement

Certain types of work are considered “disqualifying” once you’ve retired and have begun receiving your pension:

  • If you have not reached age 65, and return to work for a participating employer, your monthly pension payments will be suspended.
  • If you are age 65 or older, and return to work for a participating employer for more than 40 hours per month, your payments will be suspended.
  • If you return to work for a non-participating employer, you may work as many hours as you want without your payments being suspended.

You will need to notify the SEIU Benefit Funds  in writing when your re-employment ends. Your pension benefit may need to be recalculated.

Recalculating Your Benefits After a Suspension

When resuming your pension payments, your new benefit will include:

  • The amount of your previous pension payment, including any retiree increases that went into effect before your pension was suspended.
  • If your previous pension payment was calculated with a reduction for early retirement, each month of suspension will reverse one month of reduction for early retirement.
  • Any contributions made to the Affiliates’ Pension Fund on your behalf since your pension was last calculated will increase your benefit.

 Questions? Refer to your Summary Plan Description for more details or check here to read helpful FAQs.